Sherri Marienhoff, Founder

A certified yoga instructor since 2010 and proud simple living enthusiast, who draws life lessons from her home in nature with her beautiful horse, Sherri also brings extensive experience from her extremely vast life lessons as well as professional roles. Her particular strengths lie in her highly intuitive energy, nurturing character and natural coaching abilities… a stress buster extraordinaire. Sherri has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to formal workplaces ranging from the traditional banking industry to healthcare for over 20 years and is also a licensed financial broker in four provinces.
Wildly Empowered evolved from what was originally Sherri's part time yoga business. With a relentless desire for a stronger, happier planet, Sherri is dedicated to the sharing of her passions along with the engagement of her vast network of like minded professionals for this purpose. Sherri has a unique perspective and understanding of human nature, allowing Wildly Empowered to be powerfully positioned in the promotion of greater accountability, understanding and ease. 

Carla Wilchuck, Nutritionist

As the daughter of a Pharmacist and Registered Nurse, Carla grew up with an appreciation for the “health” care industry, largely a crisis management system.  Fascinated with results she could get feeding and supplementing her family’s many domestic farm and companion animals she chose to pursue a degree in Animal Science and Business.  Working as a quality control and special products specialist in the Feed Micronutrient industry, she marvelled at how precisely we fed animals and that if we supplemented like our animals we as a species would be so much further ahead.  As a Professional Agrologist, she became a consultant with a prominent firm helping clients improve their bottom line until she burned out.  Carla searched for seven and a half years for something to improve her health after being diagnosed with a very progressive chronic degenerative disease in 1994.  Now enjoying stellar, high performance health for over a decade, she states:  “My dream is that everyone also choose to live to their fullest potential -- possible only with real true health.”

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